2008 - 2009

Fatima Groups United

From November 2008 – April 2009 Vagabond Reviews engaged in a major review designed to capture the learning from a large-scale community-based Hallowe’en Parade, developed and led by Fatima Groups United. Vagabond Reviews developed an interdisciplinary framework for this evaluation process which drew on our combined experience of collaborative art practice and research methodologies drawing on ethnography along with motifs drawn from clinical practice in the human sciences. In a session called Sharing the Learning held in April 2009, Vagabond Reviews reflected back the views and opinions which emerged in the Recovery Clinics, to close to sixty people made up of residents and youth and community development workers, all of whom had been involved in the Halloween project and all of whom had engaged in the evaluation sessions which we entitled Recovery Clinics or via the other individual lines of inquiry Vagabond Reviews made available.