MSC Programme Module, School of Sociology UCD & NCAD

Working with Dr. Alice Feldman Department of Sociology in UCD and Dr. Siún Hanrahan Head of Research NCAD, Vagabond Reviews developed and delivered an eight week course module (September – December) in arts-based research within the MSC Programme at the School of Sociology UCD. Others and Exiles: Culture, Diversity & Creative Research Practice centred on the notion that both research and creativity are central to knowledge production and positive social change. Taking the form of an interdisciplinary epistemological investigation, it set out to critically explore, through examples of practice, how socially engaged research and arts practices have developed particular ways of sense making and (re)presentation. That investigation focused on the representation of specific forms of ‘otherness’ as particular modes of knowledge production. Through research practice students were encouraged to articulate their modes of inquiry along those lines of epistemological tension and fracture between the qualitative research gaze and the (more or less) aestheticised forms of knowledge production within socially engaged arts practice. Others and Exiles: Culture, Diversity & Creative Research Practice set out to examine the politics and practices arising in their confluence: creative research practice.