July - August 2015

Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago
During July and August Vagabond Reviews were artists in residence on the six-week Jackman Goldwasser residency at the Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago

Our research project at Hyde Park Art Center was an extension of a creative device for reading a city developed for the Hugh Lane Gallery exhibition Phoenix Rising: Art and the Civic Imagination, Dublin, (November 2014 – March 2015). Entitled Scientia Civitatis: Missing Titles Chicago, this mode of inquiry invited practitioners from within the field of social practice, architecture, urban planning and beyond to contribute a title of a book yet to be written about the city. In our encounters with over 40 Chicago-based artists and architects we asked for titles that were needed, even urgent, but unwritten. The missing title could be: …. practical, provocative, revolutionary or otherwise immoderate in its ambition for understanding and transforming the city.

The process of creative exchange with contributors on the crafting of titles is ongoing. We hope to present ‘findings’ from our residency in 2016 in the form of a temporary library that offers a diagnostic snapshot of Chicago through the prism of social practice and its unwritten imaginary.

Hyde Park Art Center