The Cultural Archaeology
2008 - 2010

Fatima Groups United
In 2008 Vagabond Reviews and the community development project Fatima Groups United worked together to formulate a collaborative, arts-based research initiative focused on the rich history of arts and cultural practice in Fatima/Rialto. The Cultural Review was organised into two strands of inquiry.

Cultural Archaeology
Studio 468 Residency:
Vagabond Reviews & Fatima Groups United Feb – Oct 2009

Vagabond Reviews initiated a process of Cultural Archaeology as a form of community (re)collection to capture the history of artistic and cultural practices in Fatima / Rialto from 1949 to 2010. Studio 468 in St. Andrews Community Resource Centre became an open site of (re)collection, a space for inviting in, gathering, reviewing and representing narrative seams on a community history with community and youth leaders, representative residents groups, artists and community activists. As more story tellers passed through the studio the recollections spanned through the decades but focused most intensively on more recent times where the arts and cultural practice has been brought into play by the community and its leadership in the struggle to secure meaningful agency within the urban regeneration process.

  • Studio 468

National College of Art and Design Gallery
May 2009:
Fatima – A Cultural Archaeology.

In partnership with Fatima Groups United, first findings from the residency at Studio 468 were presented through an exhibition and residency at the NCAD Gallery. Over two weeks of the residency Vagabond Reviews continued to develop and extend the Cultural Archaeology research process. In keeping with the idea of developing locally-based provision for learning in visual and performing arts in Rialto, we also used the residency as an opportunity to focus on the question of pedagogy and urban regeneration. For this we established a series of structured and informal dialogues between artists, students, architects, youth and community development workers and activists, writers and academics as a seminar series based at the NCAD public gallery in May.

  • NCAD Gallery

F2 Neighbourhood Centre

The Cultural Archaeology Timeline was installed as a temporary artwork in the newly opened F2 Centre in November 2009. In those first few months, the timeline served as a valuable reference point for Fatima Groups United when hosting numerous visitors to the F2 Neighbourhood Centre. Vagabond Reviews continues to work in an advisory capacity with Fatima Groups United and the Rialto Youth Project to develop locally-based provision for shared learning opportunities between artists, residents of Rialto and youth and community development practitioners in partnership with third level arts institutions such as NCAD.

  • F2 Centre Timeline