My early career as a psychologist was influenced by construct psychology and systems theory approaches for developing alternatives to traditional models of psychiatric recovery. Following my first appointment with the Western Care Association in County Mayo I returned to Dublin to develop and lead a psychological service for a national provider of training services for people with disabilities. As Director of Research (Rehab Group, 1994 – 1999) I developed a number of EU funded projects. The CAMUS Project (1995 – 1997) was formulated as an emancipatory educational alternative to traditional rehabilitation programmes for those recovering from a first hospitalisation. Engaging with the disability movement, I developed key initiatives aimed at creating pathways to cultural participation in art education (Art Access, 1995 – 1997) and the music industry (Sound Access, 1997 – 1999) for people with disabilities. In 2004 I graduated from the Department of Sociology at University College Dublin with a Ph.D degree. My research there combined an ethnography of a contemporary public psychiatric system with a post-structuralist analysis of mental medicine in its community-based mode of operations. My work as an independent researcher has been primarily in the field of health care and palliative care in particular. Working with the Irish Hospice Foundation I was Senior Researcher for A Baseline Study on the Provision of Hospice/Specialist Palliative Care Services in Ireland (2006). In 2007 I co-founded Vagabond Reviews with artist Ailbhe Murphy.