New Writing: Exploring the formulation of the Arcade Project as Dialogical Enquiry for TransActions #2

Arcade l Validation Event, Vagabond Reviews 2016

Entitled ‘Between Mythos and the Curriculum: the Arcade Project as a Mode of Pedagogical Enquiry’, this new article presents a philosophical prequel to the Arcade Project. Mapping its roots in radical constructivism, it argues for conversational modes of enquiry where the observer-researcher and the system encountered both acknowledge their status as living systems always already in the praxis of living (know how) before the domain of explanation (say how).

For this second iteration of the TransActions series Fiona Whelan, Joint Coordinator of the MA Socially Engaged Art + Further Education at NCAD worked in partnership with Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts and Fire Station Artists’ Studios to curate a cross-fertilization of thoughts and ideas related to the theme of knowledge production and curriculum as it relates to the layered field of socially engaged practice.

A print version of TransActions #2 will be launched in Autumn 2017 in comjunction with a seminar

Transactions Publication

Arcade Project: Rialto Youth Project Website goes LIVE

The Arcade Project is a five-year, arts-based collaborative research initiative with Rialto Youth Project. In July, having worked extensively with web designer Val Bogan, the first digital manifestation of that work went LIVE at

Initiated in 2011, Arcade One focused on articulating shared values and pedagogical principles underpinning the work of Rialto Youth Project. Arcade Two produced five Models of Practice, capturing the project’s distinct approach to arts-based youth work. More recently, with a continued emphasis on pedagogy, Arcade 2.5 has extended those modes of collaborative inquiry towards formulating a comprehensive description of the work of Rialto Youth Project. The website represents the first public manifestation of this collaborative process of self-description.

rialtoyouthproject website

Ailbhe Murphy discusses the work of Finnish artist Pia Bartsch in the context of the Saari Residence for Artists and Researchers, an initiative of the Kone Foundation

Cover Art Work, Pia Bartsch Yhteisôtaiteen vârikartta: kirja avaa arjen taika, 2016

In her commissioned essay A View from the Bird Tower Ailbhe Murphy presents an overview of the contribution of Community Artist Pia Bartsch to the Saari residency programme maintained by the Kone Foundation in Finland.

In a foreword to this extensive documentation of Pia’s work at Saari the residency is signaled as a site for fostering connections between art and community: One key goal in all its operations is to maintain interaction between the residency and the surrounding community...

Ailbhe Murphy, Vagabond Reviews, 2016. A View from the Bird Tower. In Yhteisôtaiteen vârikartta: kirja avaa arjen taikaa. Saaren Kartanon Julkaisuja 3, Saari Residence Publications No.3. Helsinki: p8 – 16